My 2020 Reading Plan

Starting the year off with a reading plan worked for me in 2019 and I’m hoping to learn from my mistakes and improve my reading and reviewing.

◀️ Things I want to do more of in 2020 ▶️

try to mood read more often
• only download ARCs that i desperately need to read on edelweiss+
• keep up to date with reviews, don’t procrastinate
• read more of the genres I love but have been avoiding ppmystery/thriller; classics; poetry)
• read more adult fantasy
• don’t be afraid to dnf
• make a sizeable dent in my blacklist books

In 2019 I joined many readathons & challenges. I failed at almost all of them.

The pressure I put on myself to complete them was always too much and this year I am going to stay away from them. I don’t want 2020 to be a stressful year. So I will eliminate things that contributed to that in 2019. A wonderful post by The Book Prescription about book stress (click here for the post) really helped me realise what things to do and what not to do in order to have a bookish stress free year.

The only readathons I will participate in are the Magical Readathons hosted by The Book Roast. These challenges are versatile and G always emphasizes that we can do it at our own pace, which is awesome for me.

Instead I will set my own challenges. Just a few, but do-able. I really hope I’ll be able to complete them but even if I don’t, that’s okay too.

◀️ My personal challenge ▶️

• Read 5 classics
• Read 4 books by authors recommended by mom & dad
• Read 12 poetry collections
• Read 10 backlist owned books
• Read 10 mystery/thrillers
• Complete all the series I already started
• Read 20 books by BIPOC

What is the famous lie we tell ourselves as bibliophiles? “This year I’m going to read all the books I own.” Impossible? Maybe. But I’d still like to try.

In order to achieve this foolhardy endeavor I’ve just started using this BRILLIANT spreadsheet created by Reader Voracious. Guys… Go check it out. When I first opened it, my Ravenclaw heart freaked out. Its easy to use and helps you keep track of all your statistics throughout the year, so I can see how many of the books I’ve been reading are blacklist owned books, new ones or ARCs. If you’re a reviewer/blogger it even has a planner for that!

Is there anything here that you’d like to try? I’d love to know!


  1. Stess-free year sounds wonderful! This is the first year that I actually join any challenges. I had been doing my own, Series to Finish (focused on finishing series), which has helped me a lot so I decided to try more of them in 2020. I hope I have been realistic with them, because as you mention, they can add a lot of pressure.
    I like that you’re doing your own goals, and I wish you good luck with them.
    And thanks for sharing that spreadsheet, i love but and I will definetely check it out 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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