Reflecting back on my 2020 reading plan & goals

And so another year ends. I think there’s this huge relief around the world that 2020 is finally at an end. This year has been wild but hopefully next year will be better for us all.

At the beginning of this year I wrote a post called  My 2020 Reading Plan where I basically came up with some reading goals I’d like to achieve this year and ways in which I wanted to minimize stress and switch up my reading.

With how messed up this year was I’m surprised I even achieved any of these goals 😂

KEY: ✔️ achieved | ❌ failed

Things I want(ed) to do more of in 2020 

• try to mood read more often

✔️ | This was the best decision I made. I stopped making monthly tbr’s which meant I was reading more books that I actually enjoyed instead of forcing myself to read something I wasn’t liking or wasn’t in the mood for. This also meant that I had way less reading slumps which was a great plus!

• only download ARCs that i desperately need to read on edelweiss+

✔ ️| To be honest I only used edelweiss+ during the lockdown months when I really started running out of books on my shelf. I’ve been good at not requesting books I wasn’t really interested im. 

• keep up to date with reviews, don’t procrastinate

❌ | *gif of person hysterically laughing* I mean I tried. But, this is still something I’m working on.

• read more of the genres I love but have been avoiding (mystery/thriller; classics; poetry)

✔ | ️So happy about this one and hopefully I’ll read even more next year!

read more adult fantasy

✔️ | I read 13 adult fantasy books this year so I’m feeling pretty good about that

• don’t be afraid to dnf

✔ | ️I’ve been dnf-ing any and all books I was not enjoying and I have no regrets

• make a sizeable dent in my blacklist owned books

❌ | *crickets chirping*


My personal challenge

• Read 5 classics

❌️ | I read three and I take this as a win. Even though I didn’t hit this goal you have no idea how surprised I am that I even came this close. When I set the goal at the beginning of the year I didn’t even believe that I’d read one classic. I’ve been in a classics slump for a few years now but I’m so glad I’ve gotten back into it (thank you Jane Austen 🙌).

Read 4 books by authors recommended by mom & dad

❌ | I read 3. Which is close! The authors being: Isabel Allende, Kazuo Ishiguro and Kahlil Gibran.

• Read 12 poetry collections

❌ | Alas, I only read 5. I think I’m going to lower this goal next time. But I do want to read more poetry because it is a genre I really enjoy.

• Read 10 backlist owned books

✔ | I feel so proud of myself. I read 16 books that have been on my shelf for ages! I’m beating that backlist!

• Read 10 mystery/thrillers

❌ | I’m so dissapointed that I didn’t hit this goal. But of the mystery/ thrillers I did read they were really good! I need to read this genre more because I really love it!

• Complete all the series I already started

❌ | I still haven’t finished inheritance. I don’t know what’s wrong with me I’ve been avoiding this book for yeeeaaars. 2021 is the year guys. I can feel it in my bones.

• Read 20 books by diverse authors

✔️ | so obviously I’d love to get to the stage where more than half the books I read are by diverse authors. And this 20 book goal was more of a reminder because I never really used to pay attention before but now I really want to make sure that I’m diversifying my reading. I read 27 books for this goal which makes me happy 🙌 and hopefully next year I’ll do better!


I achieved half the goals I set out for myself and that makes me immensely happy. Looking back, this year has been filled with some of the best books I’ve ever read. Lockdown and pandemic craziness was a struggle for us all but it was such a comfort to know that I always had books to disappear into when this absurd reality got a bit too much.

This year has taught me a lot, but most of all is that I will no longer care about the hype or what’s popular. I’ve read so many books this year that I’d heard nothing about and enjoyed the hell out of them. Not putting pressure on myself to read certain books at certain times has alleviated so much stress. Highly recommend getting rid of the monthly tbr system if you keep finding yourself in a reading slump.

I took a break from readathons. DNF-ing books I’m not liking has 100% improved my reading experience. I’d rather read less books and have them be great ones!

This is something I want to continue in 2021. I’ll post my goals for next year in the first week in January. I have some really awesome ideas for how to make my reading year interesting *rubs hands together* .

Did you achieve any of the goals you set for yourself this year?! What were your favourite reads of 2020? I’d love to know!

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