My 2021 Reading plan & goals

We are almost one week into 2021! I’ve taken the time to organise, plan and orient myself for what this year will bring. 🍂

The wonderful thing about being a reader is that there is constantly new and amazing books for us to discover to pull us through these crazy times!

To be honest my anticipated release list for 2021 is not that long. Which I think is a good thing because that means I might find books that surprise me. There’s nothing like stumbling on to a new fave, am I right?!

But anyway let’s move on to my plan.

Plans & Goals

Last year’s reading plan was simple: reduce stress.

I’d like to think I benefitted a lot by that plan. I now know how not to overload myself and I’m hoping to continue to implement those tactics this year as well. [ read my post: reflecting back on my 2020 reading plan ]

This year I want to shake things up a bit. There are genres I usually avoid and others that I love but would like to read more of. Basically I want my end of year Read List to be more varied.• read 5 classics

• ️read 3 science fiction novels
• read a memoir or biography
• read 7 mystery/thriller books
• read 5 poetry collections or novels written in verse
• read 5 literary fiction books
• read 15 of my back list owned books
•️ complete series I’ve already started

read 5 classics // last year I read three Jane Austen novels. A reread of pride & prejudice and two new to me ones (Persuasion and Mansfield Park). This year I want to reread Northanger Abbey and Emma — both which I haven’t read since my early teens. And also Sense & Sensibility and Lady Susan, The Watsons, Sanditon — which are new to me Austen books. I joined a closed Jane Austen bookclub that starts soon where I’ll get to read all of these with a lovely group of people. I would also love to reread Jane Eyre and finally read Wuthering Heights which has been on my shelf for too many years.
️• ️read 3 science fiction novels // I avoid this genre like I have an allergy. I love sci-fi movies but everytime I try to read it I struggle to get into it. But I’m determined to try again. This time I’ll start with a familiar author. I love Christopher Paolini and I have a copy of his newest book in physical and audio format, just in case I need backup. The other two books I’ll be attempting is 1984 and Dune.
read a memoir or biography // I’ve read only a handful of memoirs/biographies and I actually go like them I just need to make an effort to read more.
️• read 7 mystery/thriller books // I love this genre so much. I’ve lowered my goal from last year to make it more achievable. I’d still like to read more than 7 though
️• read 5 poetry collections or novels written in verse // ahh poetry! One of my faves. I’m slowly starting my physical poetry book collection and I hope 2021 brings me more great poetry
•️ read 5 literary fiction books // another goal that I want to beat
read 15 of my back list owned books // my current number of back list books I own is 37. One of these days I’ll have read all the books that been on my shelf for literal years.
complete series I’ve already started // lol will I ever achieve this one, who knows?!

How I’m staying organized in 2021

I’ve set up (and I’m still in the process of finishing) my notion page which will help me keep all parts of my life organised. I used Alexandra @ Twirling Pages’ (on booktube) template. I’ve modified it and added extra pages and databases to suit my needs.

I’ll also be using a spreadsheet created by @ Portal in the Pages (on booktube) which I’ll mostly be using to track my reading stats. Goodreads is insufficient when it comes to stats. 

Keeping stats can be stressful to some people but I’m a very visual person who is low-key obsessed with list making and organisation so these things will be helpful to me. I’m also hoping that keeping better stats will help me improve my reading as I will see in which areas I’m lacking. Example: reading more translated works and books by BIPOC and genres I want to explore etc.

If 2020 taught us anything it’s that you don’t know what the future may hold. I don’t know what is going to happen this year, but I’m hopeful. I’ve created this plan as a guide to keep me motivated throughout 2021. Goals don’t work for everyone but I like structure. I’d love to achieve all of these but if I don’t that’s okay too.

Looking after myself, staying safe and happy is more important than anything else.


I’d love to know some or one of your goals! Let me know in the comments!


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