Popsugar Reading challenge 2021 // participation announcement & FREE Notion template

This year I want to attempt the Popsugar reading challenge once again! I’ve done it twice before and I’ve found it to be immensely fun and a great way to find interesting books!

This challenge is a very popular one but if you interested to know more about it I’ll link the original post here.

There is also an official popsugar reading challenge goodreads group where you can meet thousands of other participants that will help you pick your reads, give you ideas and help motivate you throughout the year.

I highly recommend this challenge to everyone!!

There are 40 prompts with an additional 10.

Here are the prompts:


The prompts I’m most excited for are:

09. A book with a family tree /11. A book about forgetting / 13. A locked-room mystery / 24. A book by a Muslim American author / 33. A book featuring three generations (grandparent, parent, child)

I’ve also created a notion tracker that you can download for free to track your ideas and progress. I’ve included links to the goodreads folders that discuss each individual prompt. I’ve also included links to listopia lists that provide ideas for books to pick.

πŸ‚ Popsugar Reading Challenge Notion TrackerπŸ‚

One of my goals this year is to broaden my reading tastes and I really hope this challenge will help. At the end of this year I’ll share my wrap up. *rubs hands together* I’m excited to see how many prompts I’ll complete!

Are you doing the popsugar challenge?? Or are you participating in any other challenges? Let me know!!

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